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1 Tappan Hornor

Fundador y pastor de la Iglesia Bautista Betel en Alhuey desde 1997 hasta 2018. Pastor actual en Navolato desde 2017. También supervisa la Misión en Villa Juárez, Iglesia Bautista Betel y la iglesia hermana en El Dorado. Más información:

Founder of Iglesia Bautista Betel in Alhuey from 1997 to 2018. Current pastor in Navolato since 2017. Also overseeing mission church plant in Villa Juárez and sister church in El Dorado. Tap was born in Carlisle, PA in 1955 and received the Lord in 1972 at age 17. Tap graduated from Penn State in 1777 and began working in SC at a Christian children's home where he met Denise Corriveau (BJU grad '72) and they were married in June 1978. Tap finished a M:Div. degree from Bob Jones University (1981-87). In 1993 the family moved to Texas to begin one year of Spanish language study in preparation to plant Baptist churches in Sinaloa, Mexico. Tap and Denise have been in Mexico for 23 years serving under MGM International. They have 3 sons and 10 grandchildren. More info:

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